Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The George Orwell Roller-coaster

From The Telegraph:
George  Orwell' s admirers each seem to admire him for a different reason. Some revere his politics, though those change according to which passage in his depressingly short life one focuses upon. Others laud his abilities as a novelist. For some, he is a great essayist - my own favourite is his 1952 memoir of prep school, Such, Such Were the Joys. For others, the content of his writing is secondary to his command of the English language; he has a justified reputation as the finest writer of English prose of the last century.

There is much more to Orwell,  though, than comes under those headings. Another important aspect is considered in Robert Colls's superb analysis of his writings, George Orwell:  English Rebel. As the title suggests, Colls considers  Orwell' s relationship with his country: and what a roller-coaster ride it was. (Read more.)

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