Sunday, February 14, 2016

Socialism Is Not Cool

From Ave Maria Radio:
Law professor and Instapundit Glenn Reynolds reminds us: For all of human history, extreme poverty has been the norm. “Globally, we’ve changed that ‘normal condition’ by the spread of free markets and free inquiry, which have led to a global growth in knowledge and skills that has made almost everyone rich by human historical standards,” Reynolds wrote in USA Today.

Socialism has been proven not to work in Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, and Greece for example. A quote from Yeonmi Park – an escapee from North Korea – published a book titled In Order To Live, A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom. Park has said to have lived a privileged life in North Korea. In an interview conducted she was asked what this “privilidged life” meant. She replied,
“That I could eat three times a day. Not having a car, not having 24-hour electricity, but having some candy or an apple once a month. Basically, I didn’t get killed by the [North Korean] famine so that means I was pretty lucky.”

In these socialist countries this is the norm. A socialist system means everyone is equally poor. According to Trading Economics, the personal income tax in Greece is at 46 percent. Do socialists want equality that much that they’re willing to drag everyone down with them? Socialism has been proved time and time again to not work, however millennials are still advocating for it in America – the land of freedom and opportunity. Dear socialists – people in places like Greece love socialism so much that they’re risking their lives to get away from it. Don’t let America come to this as well.
So, free college, free healthcare, free everything. Sounds great in theory, right? According to The Wall Street Journal, Bernie Sanders’s tax plan will cost $18 trillion. That’s almost double our U.S national debt which has been acquired since 1775. And where will Bernie Sanders acquire this excessive amount of money? Taxes – your hard earned money. (Read more.)

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