Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Creative Ways with Wallpaper

From Southern Lady Magazine:
Think pink—pink giraffe, that is—for a little girl’s room. Tape a long section of damask-print wallpaper to the wall with painter’s tape, then draw the animal’s outline on the paper, either freehand or using a tracer that enlarges the image. Cut out with scissors or a precision-cutting utility knife. For easier removal, apply to the wall with repositionable spray adhesive. This cute idea translates to other shapes and works equally well for a boy’s room. (Read more.)

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Patricia Vandeberg Becker said...

What a cute stove set! That caught my eye more than the giraffe, although that is also a very good idea. I love kids' toys that have a real look and feel to them, and this surely does. Thanks for sharing.