Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Marie-Thérèse-Charlotte and Her Husband

A portrait of Marie-Thérèse-Charlotte, Duchesse d’Angoulême. It was painted by Joseph Roques in 1823, shortly before she would become Dauphine of France. Via Tiny-Librarian.

And here is her husband, the Duc d’Angoulême. To quote:
A tender and respectful son, an irreproachable husband, a brave soldier, he was lacking in both brilliant and solid qualities. His awkward air, his bashfulness, his myopia, his manners rather bourgeois than princely, were against him. He had nothing of the charm and grace of his father. But when one knew him, it was easy to see that he had unquestioned virtues and real worth. To Charles X. he was a most faithful subject and the best of sons. In contrast with so many heirs apparent, who openly or secretly combat the political ideas of their fathers, he was always the humble and docile supporter of the throne. The Spanish expedition brought him credit. In it he showed courage and zeal. The army esteemed him, and he gave serious attention to military matters. A man of good sense and good faith, he held himself aloof from all exaggerations. At the time of the reaction of the White Terror, he had repudiated the fury of the ultras, and distinguished himself by a praiseworthy moderation. He had great piety, with out hypocrisy, bigotry, or fanaticism. ~Imbert de Saint-Amand


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