Friday, December 4, 2015

Christmas Cake

From Madame Gilflurt's blog:
The history of Christmas cake is a muddled one. It is thought that its origins lay in the Christmas pudding (plum pudding) and the Twelfth Night cake. The (steamed) pudding dates back to the sixteenth century, while the (baked) cake came a little later as people gradually put ovens in their 

The twelfth night cake was baked and eaten on the twelfth day of Christmas (the epiphany). As Christmas day became more popular during the Victorian period, the cake became linked with the day and so was eaten on the 25th of December. Victorian bakers began to make marzipan mix and cover the cakes with festive decorations. Households have been divided ever since as to whether marzipan is good to eat or horrible.

Christmas cake is still very popular in England and the Commonwealth countries such as Australia, Canada and New Zealand. In my home (my dad was from the north of England) it is traditional to eat it with a strong, hard cheese. The sharp cheese is a great partner to the sweetness of the cake. (Read more.)

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