Friday, October 16, 2015

The Mission of the Family

From Church Militant:
African archbishop Thomas Msusa from Malawi is excited and optimistic that married life and family life will be strengthened at the Synod.

While much of the media coverage thus far at the Synod has been focused on scandal and confusion over changes to Church teaching on marriage and family, bishops from Africa have been consistent in their stance on upholding the Church's teaching as marriage between a man and a woman. 
Despite rapidly declining marriage rates in much of Europe and North America, Africa's marriage rates and birth rates are doing extremely well, as the countries bishops hold firm to these critical moral teachings of the Church.
This is the case despite the rampant indoctrination by Western countries and the United Nations that are pushing abortion, homosexuality and contraceptive practices throughout much of Africa, a ploy that faithful African prelates have been vigorously fighting against
Even with the destruction of family life in the West, African prelates are so zealous and committed to upholding the family structure that it prompted Cardinal Robert Sarah, prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship, to boldly state last month, "I have a conviction: It will be Africa, and therefore the Church, who will save the family." (Read more.)

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