Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Why Sodomy Will Never Be a Sacrament

Marriage is the most ancient institution, the most basic unit of society. It does not take its origins from any government, but directly from the Creator. From The National Catholic Register:
The Catholic understanding of marriage draws from the Book of Genesis, in which God creates humans as male and female and commands them to “be fruitful and multiply,” he explained. Marriage reflects God as “a communion of Persons” and a “unity of love.” Marriage is how man and woman “participate in his great capacity to create new life in God’s image,” said Grabowski.

Jesus Christ teaches this understanding of marriage in the Gospel of Mark, when he cites Genesis. Grabowski said Catholic morality distinguishes between different forms of discrimination. “Unjust discrimination is always morally evil, but not all distinction is discriminatory and unjust,” he said.

Elk Stanley, senior legal counsel with the legal group Alliance Defending Freedom, said that Catholic individuals and organizations can face lawsuits and other threats due to non-discrimination laws and ordinances regarding employment and places of public accommodation. But he did not think Dignity USA’s position would pose a problem for the legal defense of Catholic groups or individuals that support Catholic teaching.

“It is difficult to predict what will sway judges, regulators or legislators,” Stanley said. “Legislators and others have attempted to cite churches that have left the evangelical Protestant teaching on marriage as proof that churches are changing their ways. But this is probably less of a concern for the Catholic Church, which has been clear for hundreds of years regarding its doctrine as it relates to marriage and human sexuality.” (Read more.)


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