Monday, August 31, 2015

The Problem of Godlessness

From Matt Walsh at The Blaze:
As you’re no doubt aware, yesterday a “disgruntled” former employee of a news station in Virginia murdered a reporter and her cameraman on live TV. Vester Flanagan, also known as Bryce Williams, who is black, updated his social media feeds throughout the attack and in the proceeding hours. He filmed and live Tweeted the murder. He used his Twitter account to promote his Facebook platform during the killing, telling his followers to go check out the other site for footage.

This was a 21st century murder, through and through. And America played along; Thousands of people actually shared the murder video, enticing their Facebook friends and Twitter followers to click and watch two people die on camera.

It’s called evil. This is where it leads.

Obviously, the racial makeup of the incident won’t be particularly useful to the sleazy race hustlers of America, even though some of them couldn’t wait more than a few seconds before embarrassing themselves by publicly assuming the killer was white. But the tool Falanagan used to carry out his deed did provide the mobs an opportunity to make political statements about gun control, literally within minutes of the shooting.

Hillary Clinton politicized the deaths while the bodies were still lying on the pavement. Hollywood actors and media members wasted no time in implicating the NRA. Naturally, the White House manned the battle stations, calling on Congress to pass “common sense gun control.” Other politicians and left wingers around the country joined in the gun control chorus, choosing to make political props of the bodies before they were bagged, let alone buried.

Of course, none of these disgusting opportunists explained how “gun control” could have prevented the massacre. Flanagan owned the handgun legally and had no criminal record. What law could have prohibited him from obtaining the weapon, aside from an across the board ban on all guns everywhere for everyone? Is that what’s being proposed? If not, why bring it up in relation to this story? We’re always told gun confiscation is a hysterical right wing myth, but what other conceivable law could possibly apply to this particular situation? (Read more.)

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