Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Catholics, Be Confident!

Now is not the time to be embarrassed about the faith. From Aleteia:
The Western world has changed the definition of marriage for the first time in history to have no intrinsic connection to the bearing and rearing of children. We decided that sexual morality that says “No” to anyone’s sexual desires is a form of repression and that insisting on the age-old definition of marriage is bigotry.

It is a very powerful temptation for Catholics to see the evolution of marriage as the consequence of a new enlightenment about sex. But consider the cultural changes that preceded our decision to redefine marriage:

- First came the sexual revolution that fulfilled none of its promises and left many lives a wreck.

- Second came a nationwide STD epidemic in which Americans every year contract 20 million new cases of just eight sexually transmitted viruses and bacteria and even the AIDS/HIV epidemic is making a comeback. (Read more.)

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