Saturday, August 8, 2015

A Car for Mary

Please consider helping my friend Mary. To quote:
Mary, in her early 60s, lives on a small social security disability, without any other income at the moment.  There had been plans to leave an old car [1991 Buick] with Mary when her mother went south but the week of the move the old car died absolutely and finally.  Now Mary is living in a rural area with nothing but a post office within nearly 20 miles in any direction.  She has been putting off taking care of some of her own health issues till her mother was safely gone with her sister, but now there's no means for her to get to a doctor or to physical therapy or to go find little bits of work that she can do to augment her income.  All of her transport, for the time being, has to be provided by people who drive considerable distances to get her and take her to where she needs to go and then take her back home—this is not a viable permanent solution.  Moving is also not a solution for the transportation issue,  because Mary is in a stable and inexpensive home that could not be duplicated at the same price anywhere else. (Read more.)

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