Sunday, July 19, 2015

We Must Defend the Innocent

From Rebecca Hamilton:
Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, issued a video statement concerning her organization's selling of aborted-baby body parts.

Pro-life people know that these body parts came from babies who were murdered by Planned Parenthood. They watch the video of one of the doctors who does this murdering, chomping on her salad and swilling down her wine as she discusses the best way to kill the child while preserving its organs for sale.

This is ghastly, grisly business. It is grotesque.

Pro-life people, who understand that this is an innocent child whose murder the doctor is discussing, almost have the oxygen sucked out of their lungs by the cavalier manner in which she describes what she does. It's as if someone had unearthed a video of Mengele at a dinner party, talking about his experiments on twins.

Pro-life people approach Cecile Richards' video in that context. They experience a gut-level flash of rage when they watch her explain that the doc was merely "insensitive" and she apologizes for this "insensitivity" while at the same time she excuses the selling of baby body parts. It's like a punch to the gut to hear her calmly admit that Planned Parenthood does sell body parts and that it will continue in this practice. Her insistence that Planned Parenthood does much good and that those who are appalled by the video are merely following the lead of an organization that wants to push women back past the 19th century layers outrage upon outrage.

Pro-life people know that what she says about their feelings toward women are not true. They know that what she is discussing is the cold-blooded murder of a child and then marketing its organs for sale. They know these things, and they go off. They can't help it. (Read more.)

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