Saturday, July 11, 2015

Portrait Bust of Princess Marie-Zéphyrine

Via Tiny-Librarian. A beloved little girl who died young is depicted in the exquisite Dresden porcelain of her Mother's land of Saxony. Marie-Zéphyrine de France was the older sister of Louis XVI. It is sad to think that the dreadful Choiseul called Louis and his brothers and sisters the "Dresden knick-knacks." To quote:
Marie Zéphyrine, born in 1750, was the daughter of Louis, the dauphin of France, and Marie Josepha of Saxony and Poland; she died at five years old. Her mother’s grandfather, Augustus II, founded the porcelain factory where this bust was made.


Amanda Mitchell said...

I seen this at the Philadelphia Museum of art last weekend. Since that day I have been trying to find out why there is a fly painted on the left side of her neck. Does anyone know?

elena maria vidal said...

I don't know but I will tweet this post and maybe someone will answer.