Saturday, March 28, 2015

Ways to Promote Your Book

A helpful article for authors and would-be authors. To quote:
  1. Tweet about it.
  2. Make a book trailer.
  3. Ask your readers to send in images of them with your book and then pin them on Pinterest. (people love the human connection)
  4. Comment on threads in facebook groups or on other people’s threads to build your reputation as an expert.
  5. Write a press release for PRWeb. It’s a great way to get some backlinks to your site and maybe even some press interest!
  6. Do a presentation at a local meetup group. Don’t ‘sell’, just give great information, and make sure to have some books to hand in case people ask.
  7. Do a kdp free promotion. They still work if you use them correctly.
  8. A GoodReads giveaway is a fantastic way to generate some interest and also to get some reviews. You need to be approved as an author first by GoodReads and this works better with your print books so it’s a little bit of process but well worth the effort!.
  9. Create a post about your book on your facebook business page. Pin it to the top.
  10. Post some free content or excerpts from your book on You can also sell your book here — worth some extra exposure?
  11. Give a talk at a local school (if it’s appropriate content — works well for children’s fiction, history or other educational content).
  12. Make a series of how-to videos for YouTube related to you non-fiction book content.
  13. Send an email to your list. Give them a reason to buy — like maybe they could send you the receipt and you’ll put on a special webinar or teleseminar?
  14. Run a facebook ad but make sure it’s closely themed around time or an event — maybe you have a Christmas recipe book and just before Christmas you run an ad targeted at foodie groups.
  15. Create a discussion on http:/// Ask questions, engage users, DON’T make it just a pitch for your book. If you are keyword savvy then use keywords in your post title and content so that it will show up on the search engines and give you ongoing promotional returns.
  16. Get more reviews! (more reviews will help your Amazon ranking).
  17. Create a URL forward that directs people to your Amazon page. Use this as your “main website” in your book and whenever you’re talking about your books. (for example and forward this to your amazon page).
  18. Do as much guest posting as you can and refer to your book in the author box (or use that URL forwarding tip just above this one!).
  19. Create a bunch of $0.99 books that are full of quality. Use these as tasters for your other books — people will take a chance for 99c and if they like your content they’ll be back.
  20. Get some fun, slightly silly, videos done on fiverr in the hope they might get shared and go viral.
  21. Put a link to your book in your email signature (and if you’re a bestselling author, then make sure you say that!).
  22. Don’t enable the “Digital Rights Management” option in your kdp dashboard. Yes you might find your book being given away on free sites but more sharing = more people know about you…
  23. Start a podcast (or better yet, get on someone else’s podcast).
  24. All those great reader images you asked for — get people to post them on facebook and tag you. It’s a great way of letting their friends know about you.
  25. Create an Amazon associates account and add an image of your book and a link back to Amazon on your website (and as well as your royalties you might also get a few extra pennies from the associates programme!). (Read more.)

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