Sunday, March 8, 2015

God and the Darkness

From A Catholic Thinker:
With an endless sea of information in our hands, before our eyes and in our ears, we have stopped listening. There is no quiet anymore. Instead, there is too much information of too little quality in too little time. This information may or may not translate into knowledge…but is even less likely to convert into wisdom. And so the time to engage in silence before God, to pray for his eternal wisdom and to reflect on the writings of the disciples or the lives of the saints is swallowed up by just one more tweet, one last post or one final perusal of the utterly meaningless story begging us to be read. We have stopped listening.

Once we have stopped listening, we have chosen to ignore the Source. As a result, we confidently crown ourselves masters of our own destiny and keepers of our own flame. There is nothing that can be given, we convince ourselves, that we can’t seek or that we haven’t already found. Our appetites are supreme and we become defensive lest anyone or anything pulls us from our path (which we have anointed as the true path). We have forgotten God. (Read more.)

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julygirl said...

The 'information age' has certainly created a lot of distraction from the things to which one should really be focused upon. It has become a narcotic or sorts that numbs ones mind to reality by fooling one into thinking they ARE involved in reality.