Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Traveling with Slaves

American Creation quotes Thomas Jefferson:
 I have made enquiries on the subject of the negro boy you have brought, and find that the laws of France give him freedom if he claims it, and that it will be difficult, if not impossible, to interrupt the course of the law. Nevertheless I have known an instance where a person bringing in a slave, and saying nothing about it, has not been disturbed in his possession. I think it will be easier in your case to pursue the same plan, as the boy is so young that it is not probable he will think of claiming freedom. (Read more.)

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The North Coast said...

While I admire Thomas Jefferson's ideas, I find him to be a vile hypocrite in his personal life, and it is no small thanks to him and other slave-owning champions of "liberty" (their own, that is), that our republic headed down a very destructive path over the next 80 years.

Anyone who thinks that Sally Hemings stayed on with him in France because she wanted to, in spite of surely knowing where she stood in French law, is naive. Jefferson held cards in hand to keep Hemings bound to him that were unbeatable- namely, her children, who were back at his Virginia estate while he was in France. Jefferson, I'm sure, knew he could count on Hemings' love for her children- no normal, loving mother is going to leave her children in slavery while she walks free!

This post you have linked further underscores Jefferson's mendacity, and, in my opinion, his underlying viciousness.