Monday, February 23, 2015

The First Born of Maria Theresa

The first born child of Emperor Francis and Empress Maria Theresa. To quote:
On this day in history, February 5th, in 1737, Archduchess Maria Elisabeth Amalia Antonia Josepha Gabriele Johanna Agathe of Austria was born. Known as Maria Elisabeth, she was the first of many children born to Maria Theresa and Francis I, and was born only a week before their first wedding anniversary.

Initially they were disappointed at the lack of a son, but the lively child soon became a favourite of her parents and her grandfather, Charles VI. 

On June 7, 1740, at the age of just three years old, she began to suffer from stomach cramps and vomiting and died in her father’s arms. Elisabeth was buried in Tomb 48 in the Imperial Crypt. A younger sister, born three years after her death, would be named in her honour.

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