Monday, February 16, 2015

Dressing Like a Lady

A brave girl makes a bold statement:
“If you dress like a lady you will be treated like a lady. A short skirt or perhaps more a see-through top, encourages a man to come and take advantage, it encourages unwanted attention.
“I go to nightclubs like other girls my age and when I do I’m always struck by the same thing.
“You walk into a room all the guys are looking at you, just up and down like you’re a piece of meat and I think if girls had longer skirts they would feel more confident and safe.
“I think there is a certain element of responsibility that comes with designing clothes and an element of responsibility when it comes to wearing them.
“I don’t believe anyone under any circumstances should be taken advantage of, however when it comes to clothes, young women have to take responsibility for their look if they do not wish to be left in a vulnerable position.” (Read more.)

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