Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Church Ladies

From Dynamic Women of Faith:
There was a terrible fire at the parish.  Most of the church was damaged or destroyed.  I went to Adoration (held in the gym of the school) the next morning in the frigid cold, wondering what I would find.

I shouldn’t have wondered at all… there they were, the warriors wearing veils, winter coats and thick boots.  Warriors holding rosaries, and praying in earnest.  They didn’t fret, or cry, they just hunkered down to fight the good fight.  They were, as they always are, the church ladies.

Some people think of the Blessed Virgin Mary as timid, but not me.  I see her following her Son, heart breaking, body aching and fighting her way up to Calvary.  Others turn away in grief or fear, but Our Dear Mother looks upon her Son, sharing in His suffering.  She never gives in to fear, but fights on. (Read more.)

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