Saturday, January 24, 2015

Young Maria Theresa as Queen of Hungary

From Tiny-Librarian. To quote:
In this painting, we see Maria Theresa as the queen of Hungary, although not in the Hungarian attire typical in such a depiction. Instead, she wears a white silk, royal gown decorated with embroidery. Draped around her in large billows and folds is a gold brocade cloak with ermine fur lining. Only the Hungarian crown on the pillow and the other regalia indicate she is the ruler of Hungary. This unusual representation can be explained, however, by the outlines of the archducal crown and its more finally executed details discovered under the Hungarian crown during restoration and cleaning. The first version of the portrait was intended to show Maria Theresa as the heir to the throne, with the archducal crown, and may have been made in the years before the coronation in 1741. Her coronation as queen of Hungary provided an opportunity to repaint the work. This magnificent painting by an unknown Viennese painter from the circle of Johann Gottfired Auerbach is not only a superb representative of the art form, but awes us with its natural elegance. (Read more.)

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