Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Trolls on the Internet

I am so sick and tired on trolls on the internet. I complained to The American Spectator about some unpleasantness which I thought tarnished the quality of the discussion.
To the Editor, Sir:

I am really surprised that a clever and witty magazine such as The American Spectator, which I have enjoyed for many years, would permit such filth in the comboxes by an anonymous person called "Merkava." The links are below:…/thea…/je_suis_charlie_et_je_suis_juif/……/theamericanspe…/maximilian_schell_rip/…

Comments from trolls like "Merkava" destroy all pretense of lively debate and any kind of intelligent exchange of ideas. I am also disappointed to see the verbal attacks aimed at R.J. Stove, a distinguished scholar whose books and articles I admire. I do not understand why the editors of The Spectator would permit trolls to sully the conversation by humiliating the readers, because I thought it was a sophisticated journal of culture and politics, not a college fraternity. Until persons like "Merkava" are banned from the combox, I will steer clear of The Spectator. Freedom of speech should not mean a license to be rude and crude.

With regrets,
E.M. Vidal

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R J said...

Thank you very much, ma'am.

(R. J. Stove, Australia)