Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hope in a Tragic World

From A.K. Frailey:
Though I do not shy away from the reality of grief and tragedy – it is all to real to ignore – I do carry hope with me where ever I go.  I am not in a state of despair.  When I read or even look at the covers of some of the popular books out today, despair seems to be a current theme.  That is why I write about men and women who, though faced with tremendous challenges, do not despair.  You can pretty much count on the fact that though not everything turns out happily for everyone in my novels – there is some breathing room for hope.  There must be or why are we here?

In my estimation, good literature has a duty not to sell itself to the most profitable market place but to reflect some element of human truth.  Not necessarily to judge it or define it, but to reflect it.  As I write, I cannot help but reflect the forces which molded me from my youth and though my life has not been sheltered from tragedy – I must also reflect the heroic, the strong, the valiant, the beautiful, and the good that lives in our world.  All is not evil and the bad in my life will not rule me in the end. That is a choice I make and a creed I live by. (Read more.)

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