Sunday, October 26, 2014


From Vive la Reine. Poor Marie-Thérèse-Charlotte of France, it was not enough for her to lampooned as a child, but even as a mature woman she was hideously mocked. Above is a satire from the July Revolution of 1830, showing Marie-Thérèse as Dauphine ordering around her uncle and father-in-law, Charles X, with her husband Louis-Antoine looking helpless. Share


julygirl said...

That is despicable! She had already suffered more than anyone should have to bear.

The North Coast said...

I think people who are public figures get rather used to being lampooned, and if they're overly sensitive, they'd best not look. The princess probably tried her best to just laugh, or ignore, because there's no way you can escape it if you are a prominent and powerful public figure unless you severely restrict freedom of speech. I notice that the wives of ruling men are treated with special savagery.