Friday, September 5, 2014

Christianity, Islam and the Future

From Fr. Angelo:
The moral and cultural malaise of the West as well as the fanaticism and fear of the East are problems that will not go away soon. And we have reasons to fear that the politicians who wave the rainbow banner simply do not have the wherewithal to oppose Islam. But neither do they have the kind of moral gravity and fortitude that is necessary to defend the innocent in a way will make the situation better instead of worse.

Conversion is a function of conviction. The fanatics of the East have too much and the effetes and bullies of the West have too little.   So we now will attempt to “degrade and destroy” ISIS so as to make sure that its “sphere of influence” is a “manageable problem.” This claptrap is more of the same.  It fails to meet the real problem realistically.  ISIS simply needs to be eliminated.  Period.

The problem is definitely one of a need for conversion, nearly as much among those of the Christian West as among those in the Islamic East. We need to pray to Our Lady of Fatima for the grace to live the life of Christian charity, so that we will have the conviction and strength necessary to protect the innocent as well as to die martyrs. The opportunities to do both abound. (Read more.)
Aleteia reports on Christians who are defending the weak and helpless against ISIS. To quote:
 Earlier this month, the president of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, Massud Barzani, announced that his government was ready to open its doors to Christian volunteers among the Kurdish armed forces by providing them with the means to create self-defense forces in their villages and defend themselves from jihadi militias of the Islamic State, Fides Agency reported. Barzani said this during a meeting with the Lebanese Foreign Minister Gibran Basil.

Barzini called on Christians "not to think about emigrating from their homelands, because the threat of terrorism is temporary and terrorists “will be defeated."

Apparently, such militants are getting military help from people in the West who don’t feel the Iraqi government and Western powers are doing enough. Some Europeans have been talking about an “armed pilgrimage” to Iraq, saying what is needed is a fifth Crusade or a new Lepanto, recalling the historic battle of Oct. 7, 1571, when the Holy League defeated the Muslim fleets of the Ottoman Empire. (Read more.)

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