Thursday, August 7, 2014

Modesty is the Best Policy

From Kathryn Jean Lopez:
Shalit first wrote A Return to Modesty shortly after college, in no small part in reaction to the hook-up culture on her campus. Now she sees the bigger picture. She writes: “Today, after being married for ten years and becoming a mother of three, I have a different perspective on modesty. I now see modesty not just as a part of successful relationships, but as part of a large understanding of what makes a life successful. We can’t control what we get in life, so long-term happiness depends largely on how much we train ourselves to get satisfaction from giving.” The big picture modesty shines a light on is about seeing one’s life as an integrated whole, lived in communion with others. It’s about escaping the tyranny of a bifurcated, isolated self, which can be such an overwhelming temptation today. (Read more.)

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