Sunday, August 17, 2014

Jane Eyre's Attic

The inspiration for the madwoman's attic at Thornfield Hall. To quote:
Novelist Charlotte Brontë penned the ‘madwoman in the attic’ based on her experiences vising the stately home of Norton Conyers, North Yorkshire, in 1839. Upon her visit, the author heard the homeowner’s “legend of a mad woman who had, sometime in the previous century, been confined in a remote attic room still known as ‘Mad Mary’s Room’”, the house’s website states. Eight years later, Brontë based Mason – the wife of her protagonist’s love interest Edward Rochester – on this elusive tale. In the book Jane Eyre, Mason is locked away in the upper enclaves of the home for ten years by her husband for being ‘mad’, before she sets fire to the home she shares with her spouse and throws herself off the roof. (Read more.)

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