Saturday, August 23, 2014

5 Design Tips for a Small Living Room

Some basic ideas:
1. Use a neutral color palette. Calming colors are easy on the eyes; opt for light-colored furniture to make your space appear larger. 
2. Utilize vertical space. Add visual interest on walls, whether it's with art, shelving, or window treatments.
3. Think about scale. Choose furniture that's proportional to the room's size. An oversized sofa will overwhelm a small living room, instead try a loveseat.
4. Try multi-functional furniture. Use pieces that do double-duty, like a storage ottoman as a coffee table or a cocktail ottoman that works as seating, too.
5. Consider lighting. A well-lit space instantly creates an airy feel. Install sheer, lightweight curtains to filter in soft, natural light, or use mirrors to reflect light. (Read more.)

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