Monday, March 3, 2014

The Return of the Tiara

From Jewels du Jour:
Downton Abbey’s sumptuous Season 4 Finale was a dazzling display of the much-celebrated “London Season” of decades past. Centering on Rose’s debutante presentation to King George V, the Crawley’s find themselves in London at Grantham House with all the pomp and circumstance that go with the “social event of the season.”

Throughout the episode, I couldn’t help but notice the superfluous sparkle at each evening soirée. All of Britain’s 'fictional' landed gentry decided to display the vestiges of their wealth by wearing their finest diamond jewels throughout the final episode, most notably tiaras and head ornaments. No diamonds were spared during the lavish and visually opulent grand finale, which left me thinking about the dear old tiara. (Read more.)

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