Thursday, March 27, 2014

How to be Feminine

Some pleasant and helpful reflections from The Catholic Lady Blog. To quote:
A modest spirit is rare.  Women are taught to get what they want with the "I am woman hear me roar" attitude.  It doesn't work.  People don't know how to respond.  Men especially are affected adversely by this attitude.  (This could possible be why men are becoming more feminine by the generation.)  We live in an epidemic of feminism!

  But a woman possessing a "modest and quiet" spirit (1Tim 2:9-10) appeals to the higher nature of men and is mysteriously attractive!  Wearing a mantilla to Church is an example of this sweet mystique of femininity.
   This does not mean a lady must be shy, just conscious of her femininity.  This means being cheerful, helpful, well-mannered.  St. Francis de Sales says, "I would have devout people, whether men or women, the best dressed of the company, but the least pompous and affected.  I would have them adorned with gracefulness, decency, and dignity."
There is no prudishness for a Catholic lady.  Rather, modesty is the trademark of her spirit. (Read more.)

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