Friday, March 14, 2014

Grooming for Abuse

Unfortunately, some schools are grooming children for abuse. To quote:
Years ago an acquaintance of mine wanted to homeschool. Her kindergarten aged child was being chased home from school by 5th and 6th grade boys who would pull her pants down. The school said they couldn’t help- it happened off campus. The boys’ parents said boys would be boys. Older women at her church said, “Well, they have to learn to get along in the real world sometime.”

In my real world, people who do this to other people go. to. jail.

Unfortunately, in the school world, that is not a given. (Read more.)


The North Coast said...

Unfortunately, there's nothing new about this type of bullying. It was commonplace among kids of both public and Catholic schools when I was a kid 50 years ago. And adults in authority were no more sympathetic than many are now. I heard "boys will be boys" a lot, and girls who were targets of this type of harassment were often shamed for "leading the boys on" with their dress or behavior. It was almost always considered to be the fault of the victim.

What is new- and refreshing- is that bullying victims and their parents are fighting back, and there is less tolerance of bullying and more awareness of the real and lasting damage it does to children, than in the old days, when it was thought to "build character". At least the adults in charge no longer ask the poor little victim what he did to make the other kids mad.

elena maria vidal said...

You are so right, NC. I remember. Things have actually improved in some ways.