Sunday, March 9, 2014

Bring Back Cocktail Parties

From The Huffington Post:
I remember being aghast when the price of a cocktail hit $11 -- and now we live in the era of the $15 martini. Even dives are raising their prices. Of course, I'm in the NYC region, where the cost of living has replaced pickpockets as the thing most likely to take all your money. Even still, when you think about a budget martini and the dubious ingredients mingling in the glass, wouldn't it be much better to get one bottle of really good gin, rather than spend that money on bad drinks?...
In our grandparents' day, people dressed up to go to a friends' house for cocktails. Would it kill us to raise the bar on everyday dress now and then? No. But I digress. In the comfort of home, you can comfortably dress up or dress down. No hobbling down the sidewalk in heels. No self-consciousness because you're one of those people who would rather wear flip-flops everywhere. It works for all types. (Read more.)

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