Sunday, February 9, 2014

Marie-Antoinette's Farewell to Her Father

The Emperor Francis Stephen bade a moving farewell to his nine-year-old daughter Antonia before his final fatal illness. From Nobility:
The Emperor Francis, who was on his way to Innsbruck for the celebration of the marriage between Archduke Leopold—the future Leopold II—and the Infanta Maria Luisa, had gone to Schoenbrunn to embrace his children. But when he was a little way from the castle, on the same road now followed by the Dauphine, he had, perhaps, some presentiment of his coming death and stopped his coach.

“Go back for the Archduchess Antonia; I must see her again.”

He had gazed at her with indescribable tenderness, and for the rest of her life Marie Antoinette was never to forget that look. (Read more.)

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