Monday, September 2, 2013

The "Trial" of the Princesse de Lamballe

From Vive la Reine: 
One of her murderers, brought long years after to some tardy justice, described her as ‘a little lady dressed in white.’ -The Princesse de Lamballe by B.C. Hardy

photo: The Princesse de Lamballe refusing to swear an oath against the king and queen.


lara77 said...

I wonder if French history books dwell on THAT chapter of republican justice??

Jack B. said...

Much of the republican atrocities are kept out of the history books. Witness the uproar when Reynald Secher wrote of the Vendee Uprising and the Revolution's response to it as a "genocide". The French Establishment would not hear of it (heck the Vendee uprising itself is not in most French textbooks).

The Princess Lamballe was by all accounts a thoroughly honest, pious, decent person who never harmed another soul and who remained loyal to her friend and monarch knowing it would mean her death. A death that is one of the most horrific not only of the Revolution but of any time. Yet movies and novels depict her largely as nothing more than Marie Antoinette's dim sycophant.