Friday, June 21, 2013

Louis XVI's Wardrobe

From This is Versailles:
Louis XVI did not change much at Versailles but this particular room is an exception. The door is hidden and leads from the King's Bedchamber - it was created on the order of Louis XV in 1738 but was at this time half the size of the wardrobe it would become. The beautiful golden wood-work is the work of Jean-Siméon and Jean-Hugues Rousseau who would finish the room in 1788 (it would be their last work done to Versailles). The architect was Richard Mique. The wood-work includes emblems with symbols relating to the navy, trade, agriculture, science and the arts. The white and gold-style was very popular at this time which is why some of the other rooms looks similar to this one. (Read entire post.)

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