Friday, April 5, 2013

The Original One Ring?

From The Hobbit Movie:
Dave Green, the property manager of The Vyne, now acquired by The National Trust since the 1930s, claimed that there is more to the story than this being simply an Iron Age ring; it was found at an iron-age site with ancient mine workings known as “the Dwarf’s Hill”, there was a curse on the thief who stole the ring, and a strong link to Tolkien himself. Tolkien, as a professor of Anglo-Saxon would certainly have been aware of its existence. He certainly knew of the curse and had been researching it for two years before writing The Hobbit in 1937.

The ring’s bona fides can be charted as authentic, because its history can be traced through its original owners the Chute family, which for generations was interested in politics, collecting, and antiquarian research. The ring was probably found in 1785 by a farmer ploughing a few miles away from where it now rests, but is known to be originally from Silchester, a pre-Roman British town. (Read entire post.)

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