Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Meanwhile, in Hungary...

The schools have been handed over to religious institutions. To quote:
The Hungarian government is transferring public schools to religious institutions, reported the French magazine L’Express.

This policy has infuriated socialist leaders within and outside Hungary and even in European countries where public education has had calamitous results. The angry complaints center on the fact that traditional morals are being restored with the help of Hungarian government policy.

Schools have brought back the singing of religious hymns as well as beginning the classes with prayer. And students’ parents get to choose the catechism to be taught to their children.

Churches retain their school subsidies regardless of the number of students. In the small town of Alsoörs, which L’Express presents as a typical case, out of a total of ninty-six families only two voted against transferring the school to the Church, underscoring the strong popular support this measure has. (Read entire article.)

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Stephen Lowe said...

All I can say is wow. Once again, it is Eastern Europe taking up the Cross and, despite the secularists outrage, marching on. Fearless and confident. Underestimated and often ridiculed, Eastern European countries are the stalwarts of Christianity and the hope of all Europe.