Saturday, February 2, 2013

Tips for Unschooling

Here are some tips for teaching children at home, which all parents do at some time or another, whether they are homeschooling or unschooling or not. To quote:
#1:  The humble couch--sofa, divan, Castro, daybed, or whatever you call it--is the most important item in our homeschool.  Can you see why?  When the kids are little, they can all crowd around for a story, reading time, sing along, or just a quick cuddle.  And for bigger kids, it is a comfy place to work, read, doze, or play a game on a tablet.  But big or small, when the picture books are opened, everyone gathers to listen.

#2:  I have been to homes without book shelves.  The people there could not be homeschooling.  Yes, books collect dust, and so often are left unshelved as untidy reminders of homeschooling going on around you. But book shelves tell stories themselves.  When I visit a new friend I head over to the book shelves to see what kind of books reside there.  I expect friends to do the same when they visit my home.

#3:  Library Card, because they are mostly free (thank you Ben Franklin).  All the books in the world, and a nice place to browse, too.  In our area, the library is a cooling center.  During the hot summer months, the library, with the a/c set on cold, maintains a temp of about 50 degrees.  In the winter, it's pretty cozy, and has a fun seating area in the young adult section.  (Read entire post.)

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