Monday, November 5, 2012

When the Mask Slips

This article is from a few weeks ago but it is worth pondering today.
But is Obama worried?  Not for a second.  He doesn't care.  Because that's not his job.  Obama is merely the pretty face for the über-left monster.  Let's face it: Obama is merely a figurehead.  A happy face for the anti-American, anti-individual, anti-capitalist revolution.  He's a movie star, nothing more.  He's an impressive façade with nothing behind it, like a Hollywood set.  But the American people should be concerned about his puppet masters: Reverend Wright, George Soros, Bill Ayers, and a cabal of Islamic supremacist Muslim Brotherhood operatives.  That's who's running the country.

Obama is implementing and instituting everything on the radical, socialist, and Islamic supremacist wish list, without compromise.  As far as Obama is concerned, it's up to them to deliver him.  It's up to the culture, it's up to the media, it's up to J-Lo and the other soulless airheads in Hollywood.  Obama is merely the face that the monster is wearing.

So is he worried?  Not on your life.  His contempt for the American intellect has been demonstrated.  He doesn't think his constituency is even watching.  They get their talking points from the mothership -- whether it's Media Matters, the Center for American Progress, or MSNBC.  Goebbels-style talking points devoid of logic, accuracy, and fact.  Obama goes on The View, Letterman, and Jimmy Kimmel, and he would even go on Romper Room if it were still on the air, exuding cool, hip, and groovy vibrations.  And all is right with the world, even as U.S. embassies are attacked, our ambassadors are killed, jihadi revolutions overthrow our secular allies, and the economic machine that empowers this magnificent nation is routed, and the Saturday Night Live band plays on.  What, me worry? (Read entire article.)

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