Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Baptism of Virginia Dare

I find this picture of the christening of the first English child born in America to be bittersweet since we have no idea what became of her. I have been reading about the Lost Colony of Roanoke and I wish I knew what happened to them. There is more background, here. To quote:
When I think of the lost colony, I think of John White; of his many beautiful illustrations of native life in the Americas, and of the anguish he felt at sea having left his daughter at Roanoke for more than three years. I think of how helpless he must have felt, being unable to find ships to return. I think of how it must have been to find the word Croatoan carved into the tree, of his doubtless desperation to continue, and the frustration of having to return to England when he was so close to finding them. Where were Eleanor White, her husband, and White's infant granddaughter? Were they living safely with the Croatans, or had they succumbed to disease or starvation? He never knew, and we'll never know either. We may find better evidence of what happened to the colony as a whole, but the small personal tragedies will always remain unaccountable. (Read entire article.)

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