Monday, August 13, 2012

The Pornography Obsession

Author Teresa Tomeo has some strong words to say about the latest in pop fiction porn.
“Grey is the devil’s favorite color.” How I wish I could take credit for that powerful quote. However, it actually belongs to none other than philosopher, Catholic convert, author, and esteemed professor Dr. Peter Kreeft. A wise listener of mine sent me the Kreeft quote to help summarize the current obsession, and not just among the general public, with the Fifty Shades of Grey book trilogy. The fictional series written by E.L. James focuses on the sado-masochistic relationship between a young woman, Anastasia Steele, and her billionaire boyfriend, Christian Grey. It is so terribly raunchy it’s been dubbed “mommy porn” by secular critics and so graphic it’s described as yet one more example of “violence against women” by Dr. Drew Pinsky, TV host and popular relationship expert. 

Kreeft’s clever quip was not referring to Fifty Shades of Grey in particular, of course, but to moral relativism in general. You know the “We can do whatever we want with whom, whatever makes us happy or feel good” approach that in many ways has taken over our way of thinking, if you can even call that thinking. Book sales have reached the 30 million-plus mark. The movie rights have been sold for $5 million. The owners of a hotel in Great Britain have also decided that, out of the goodness of their hearts, they are replacing Gideon Bibles with Fifty Shades of Grey, because, well, some of their guests may be too shy to purchase the books or feel a little strange about reading them at home around family. So that’s just the type of thoughtful hotel proprietors they are. And in June E.L James signed the dotted line on a deal with an agency responsible for licensing and building the Fifty Shades brand, a brand that is expected to include lingerie, perfume, and even bedroom furniture and linens mostly targeted at adult women. Here’s another quote that comes to mind, and this one is from P.T Barnum: “There is a sucker born every minute.” (Read entire article.)


LC Douglass said...

Thank you for this link/excerpt. Yes, I did a blog post recently on pornography and libertine attitudes, brought on by the Web, which has made both part of the mainstream.

julygirl said...

Tonight my granddaughter said something about doing what makes her happy and I replied by telling her that once in a while she needs to think about doing what makes me happy.
It is my opinion that pornagraphy is self love taken to its highest level. It is transient, and the thought of losing these transient pleasures in which one places so much affection becomes painful, so one must become firmly riveted to it day by day. And day by day the thought of losing these wordly pleasures strikes increased terror into the hearts of those who have enjoyed wordliness the longest.