Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Lost Soldier

A mysterious Confederate soldier is identified at last.
The Washington Post brings us an interesting story about a portait that was donated to the Library of Congress. As far as portraits from the Civil War go, this one is quite famous. It shows a confederate soldier looking a bit disheveled and very serious while holding an 1855 Springfield single-shot pistol. The portrait appeared in the Ken Burns series about the Civil War. When the Liljenquist family donated the portrait to the Library of Congress, however, it was catalogued as a picture of an "unidentified soldier in Confederate uniform." But, now, the mystery has unravelled. The Washington Post reports:
"Last month, through a chance meeting at a Civil War memorabilia show, the old photograph was identified as that of Confederate soldier Stephen Pollard of Carroll County, Ga., who fought in and survived the war.
"And it turned out that the identity had been known in Georgia but apparently not far beyond."
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tubbs said...

Looks like Charlie Sheen with a firearm. H E L P !!!