Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Death of Thomas Cromwell

From Stephanie Mann:
Cromwell had been arrested in June, stripped of all his titles, and held in the Tower of London; he wrote letters to Henry VIII protesting his innocence, but he had fallen victim to the machine of injustice he had helped his master construct. Henry VIII's distaste for Anne of Cleves was matched by his desire for Catherine Howard, so he arranged the annulment of the first marriage (July 9), his marriage to Catherine, and the execution of Thomas Cromwell accordingly--he married Catherine the same day at Oatlands Palace in Surrey that Cromwell was beheaded on Tower Green in London. He had designated Oatlands Palace as Anne of Cleves' residence--just to add to the completion of Henry's triumph over this arranged marriage. (Read entire post.)
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Stephanie A. Mann said...

Thank you very much for the link! I almost feel sorry for Thomas Cromwell--his fall must have been stunning to him.

julygirl said...

What goes around comes around. He and England would have been better off if he had become a butcher rather than a butcherer.