Monday, August 6, 2012

Rock n' Roll

The desire for the infinite.
...It is so untrue that one assumes that the only intention behind the idea of ‘the Devil’s music’ was ironic, at least in the beginning, but that this idea became intertwined with a sense of the hedonistic that seemed to go with the lifestyle of many rock stars. In fact, I would see this syndrome as an example of the natural human desire for something great, absolute and infinite being waylaid due to its being misunderstood, and we look at this aspect also in the exhibition. I would say that, far from being ‘the Devil’s music’, rock ‘n’ roll remains the most potent artistic medium in modern culture for engaging with reality in its totality, as Don Giussani persistently told us to do....

 In the creative impulse that is generated within the artist, the human seeking for something exceptional finds expression, and this is carried through a myriad of wires, through a hostile culture, through a commercial apparatus, through many loops and knots in our culture, to the listening heart of the receiver. Just because our culture no longer makes it easy for us to talk about this doesn’t mean that it isn’t happening. (Read entire article.)

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julygirl said...

Oh, come on.....don't give it any more credibility or make it out to be any more than what it is. Even the musicians would shrink from ascribing a greater reality above and beyond how the music speaks for them and to us.