Monday, July 9, 2012

Happiness Sustained

First of all, let me say that I do not believe that there is any lasting happiness in this world. Genuine, everlasting happiness will only be found on the other side. When we focus all of our hopes for happiness in any one person, place or possession, feeling that we cannot be happy without such-and-such a person or such-and-such a place or thing in our lives, then we are certain to be disappointed eventually. It is beyond the power of anything or anyone on earth to be the source of our happiness. In a way, it is asking too much of created things. It is asking too much of life.

However, I do believe that we can and will experience contentment and even joy when we are doing what we know we should be doing, whatever that may be. We will find moments of happiness when going about our business, either at work or home, with family or friends, or alone. As for myself, I find that happiness overtakes me when I am not looking for it. When reading to my child, or toiling in the garden, or washing the dishes, or swimming, or walking by the bay, or any number of mundane tasks, I suddenly realize: "I am happy. Praise God." The feeling may pass, but it is only a feeling. Feelings come and go but actions endure. Love is an act of the will and where love dwells, there will be happiness. The key to this is to remember that in the course of life there will be as many moments when we feel unhappy, trapped and hopeless. It is as important, in those dark moments, to say to ourselves as we do in moments of light: "May God be praised." In those words are perfect joy.

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May said...

There's an interview with Princess Grace of Monaco online where she is asked 'are you happy' and she says she does not think we can live in a perpetual state of happiness, although she has had many happy moments in her life.