Monday, June 4, 2012

The Mother of God in the Ukraine

She destroyed the Soviet Empire: To quote an archbishop:
Communism destroyed our society and one of the wounds in our flesh was the destruction of human dignity. It is quite often difficult to build a real democracy in these states because people are afraid to reveal themselves as a person, and to be free, not only internal but externally from the shackles - the vestiges of repression of their former societies [under Soviet rule]; to be free to take responsibility not only for one’s destiny, one’s own life and perhaps one’s country. I think that only through the grace of the Holy Spirit can the Church can heal these wounds. The grace of the Holy Spirit is a spirit of freedom and those Christians, who were in prison, can be free. We have the political freedom but we lack an internal personal freedom, a freedom from sin, a freedom to be good, to construct a new society and a new Church community. We have a big task and a big challenge, not only in Ukraine but also the Ukrainians in the diaspora. (Read entire article.)

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