Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Coronation of Louis XVI

 Vive la Reine quotes a contemporary account:
His Majesty entered the metropolitan church, where he was greeted by the Archbishop-Duke of Reims—who was at the head of his Chapter—and listened to the Te Deum. After the Benediction, the King withdrew to the archbishop’s palace where all the Nobles complimented Him. The next day, the King listened to the first Vespers in the Cathedral, and on Sunday, June 11th, around seven o’clock, His Majesty—with the greatest pomp—went back to the same Church and was crowned in the usual ways. (Read entire post.)
A post on the music for the coronation mass and the religious devotions that followed, HERE. Share

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lara77 said...

If you could create a time machine and go back to any coronation in history THIS is the coronation I would have loved to witness. The sheer majesty of Reims Cathedral; the pomp and circumstance and solemnity of the coronation of a King of France. I think how beautiful it must have been before the revolutionaries destroyed so much of the beauty of Royal and Catholic France.