Monday, June 11, 2012

Ball Games at Weddings

I never heard of this custom but Gio has researched it.
What have ball games got to do with weddings, I hear you ask? Well, in some parts of North England, Scotland and France there was a tradition dictating that the bridegroom had to contribute either a football, or money to buy one, to the local youths or community. It sure sounds like a weird way to celebrate a wedding, doesn't it? But there's a reason for it. This custom seems to have derived from the traditions of "paying the footing", which dictated that someone joining a community (or removing someone from the community, as is the case in some weddings) had to make a donation to it. In this case, the ball was the donation required by the bridegroom to the community. Sometimes, it was the bride to give the ball to youths. (Read entire post.)

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