Friday, May 25, 2012

Cardinal Josef Mindszenty

Rehabilitated at last.
The glorious Cardinal Josef Mindszenty, Archbishop-Prince of Esztergom and Primate-Regent of Hungary, has been fully rehabilitated from the legal, moral and political standpoints by legislation passed by the Parliament in Budapest and by a ruling of the Hungarian Supreme Court.

Both powers have recognized the Primate’s complete innocence and declared null and void all the charges trumped up against him by his Communist persecutors.

Cardinal Mindszenty was arrested by the Communist regime in 1948.

By injecting drugs, the Cardinal’s socialist torturers got him to sign a “confession” of conspiring against the Communist dictatorship and stealing Hungarian crown jewels in order to crown the legitimate heir to the Hungarian throne, Archduke Otto von Habsburg, as Emperor Eastern Europe, and also of planning to launch a Third World War against Moscow.

The illustrious Cardinal was released by the anticommunist uprising of 1956 and obtained asylum in the U.S. Embassy in Budapest for 15 years.

But the mere presence of the Cardinal at the U.S. Embassy continued to disrupt the Marxist regime. Therefore, the latter pressured the Vatican, eager to implement its “Ostpolitik,” to have the Primate taken out of Hungary and renounce his ecclesiastical posts. These events took place in 1971 after intense diplomatic pressure from the Holy See under the authority of Paul VI. (Read entire post.)

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