Thursday, April 5, 2012

Empress Titania

I found a new site about Sisi. Here is one of her poems:
Titania shall not go where people walk
This world, where no one understands her,
Where hundred thousand gazers her beleaguer,
Whispering and prying, “Look, the fool, look there!”
Where jealousy and envy seek her out,
To distort her every action,
She returns homebound to those regions,
Where allied, kinder souls abide.
~ Elisabeth, Empress of Austria


May said...

Poor Sisi :( She was so beautiful.

I think she had a great deal in common with her niece, Elisabeth of Belgium; they were both free spirits, poetic and unconventional, but her niece had a happy marriage and a more cheerful, patient attitude to the trials of royalty.

julygirl said...

She had such a happy and freeing childhood that the restrictions of being in a royal household and under the thumb of a disapproving mother-in-law was too much to bear.