Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Stigma of Self-Publishing

Award-winning author Ellen Gable describes her experiences and reasons for hope.
Another reason there may be a negative bias toward self-publishing could be the belief that self-published authors wouldn’t be able to get published by a traditional publisher or that perhaps they have already been rejected.  This may be true for some self-published authors. But consider the case of self-published millionaire, Amanda Hocking who was rejected by traditional publishing houses and who is selling 100,000 books per month on Kindle.

On the one hand, I understand why some newspapers, magazines and websites need to have a blanket rule in place for self-published books (since there are many poorly written self-published books).  On the other hand, I have also read extremely well-written novels by authors who self-published: Elena Maria Vidal, Gerard Webster, Christopher Blunt, Krisi Keley, Regina Doman, to name a few.
Although self-publishers have come a long way, we have not arrived yet with regard to “stigma” of self publishing. Despite the stigma, I don’t believe I would ever go the traditionally published route.  After self-publishing four books  (with lots of assistance) and after having 100 percent of the control, it would be hard to give my books to a publishing company.  For me, it would be like giving my baby away to someone else to raise. (Read entire post.)

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