Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Paying the Bills

The Queen had to pay her bills like everyone else. Above is a voucher from the household accounts of Marie-Antoinette. (From Vive la Reine.) To quote:
The manuscript document, in French, is addressed to Marc Antoine Francois Marie Randon de la Tour, Treasurer General at the House of Finances, and demands that he pays her nine Grand Foot valets, who have served during the last quarter of October, November and December, the sum of 270 livres, being 30 livres each, in consideration of their services. The document concludes ‘This letter to you should suffice as a note for a sum of 270 livres to be allowed and allocated as an expense against our account by our dear and beloved treasurer of the King, our honoured Lord and Husband in Paris….’ The document bears a secretarial signature of Marie Antoinette at the conclusion, alongside which she has added her authentic signature.

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